Mihina Nagai – Take Me From My Husband; JAV Cuckold

Hentai VR – The pain in the back of your head… the fog lifting from your eyes… what the hell just happened? It all starts to come into focus, the robber going through your things and your wife laying on the ground next to you. The bastard doesn’t find what he’s looking for, but he’s found something else that’s going to keep him happy. You’re bound, made to watch as he slowly teases your wife’s body, putting her mouth down onto his cock before making her lick your nipples, getting you good and hard so she can fuck you after she’s fuck him. Oh, don’t worry, you’re invited to play, too, but none of it is going to be on your terms. You’ll have to watch as this intruder uses your wife Mihina Nagai for the beautiful fuck toy that she is, in a JAV fantasy that dives into the darker corners of your desire.



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Mihina Nagai – Take Me From My Husband; JAV Cuckold

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