Psylocke’s Pity

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For those who don’t know, Psylocke is/was a psychic. That has quite a bit of relevance here. KDE and I wanted to have some fun with this animation, and in doing so I realized that a lot of rule 34 is just people fucking their favorite waifu without much thought. I want Dark Dreams to work towards changing that. Can you imagine Mr. Fantastic fucking Sue Storm and not making his dick bigger and wider? What about Nightcrawler fucking Scarlet Witch and him not even teleporting during sex? These are extreme examples, but you can easily see what I am getting at. The name of the studio is Dark Dreams, not Rule 34. I want us to fully take advantage of what we have in front of us: an opportunity to really explore rule 34 in a more immersive setting. That might mean dying from having sex with Rogue, or Poison Ivy getting fucked by some of her favorite plants while she blows you. You can’t tell me that Luke Skywalker never used the space magic for sexual purposes, or that Dante didn’t fuck Cleopatra JUST A LITTLE BIT after defeating Marc Antony in Dante’s Inferno.

WARNING: The full release does have camera movement.  I did cut down on movement on different planes to help deal with motion sickness. Basically, if you know it is going to bother you, don’t complain. Just watch the 2D version, then the looped sex.


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Psylocke’s Pity

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