Under The Influencer – Perky Brunette Teen

Hentai VR – “Influencers”… if there’s a word that conjures up a slacking millenial stereotype, that’s got to be the one. Popular, bubbly girls who make a living by being hot and telling people what to think. Well, Kendra Spade knows how to get clicks, and that little photo of her tight teen ass got her booted from social media for life. Now she needs someone to turn to, and guess who she’s found? Let this sexy teen brunette mount you and ride you with a nice loud orgasm to work all that sorrow out of her soul, and shove your cock DEEP into her mouth to get a little bit of that tension worked out of your dick while you’re at it. You’ve always to nail one of those Instagram cuties, and now’s your chance – get a hold of these perky tits and fuck her senseless as you show her what “influence” really means!



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Under The Influencer – Perky Brunette Teen

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